TW Credit Cards

Apply For A Twisted Wrench Credit Card Today and Receive $20 Off Repairs Instantly!

Let’s face it, you need your car. And sometimes your car will take a big bite out of your wallet. The new Twisted Wrench Credit Card can help. The Twisted Wrench credit card allows you to defer interest for six months on repair bills over $199.99 or twelve months on repairs over $749.99. Not only that, Twisted Wrench will give you $20.00 off your repair work just for applying for the card!

Here’s How it Works
Apply for the Twisted Wrench Credit card, if approved, you can use it to pay for the necessary repairs to your car. Simply pay the amount off in full by the end of the six or twelve month promotional period and you will not have to pay any interest. Minimum monthly payments are required, which may not be enough to pay of the balance by the end of the promotional period. Late payment fees may apply.

And don’t forget, receive $20.00 off your repair work just for applying!

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See store for details. Any discount, coupon, manufacturer rebate, or other promotional offer applied at time of purchase, will reduce your total purchase amount and may result in you not satisfying the minimum qualifying purchase amount required.


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