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Twisted Wrench
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 by Lynn Combs
Awesome service and work

I’ve been taking my Honda to the Twisted Wrench for a couple years now. I’m always impressed by their awesome customer service, the excellent work and the fact that they go above and beyond for their customers. Tonight (on a holiday weekend), they stayed a couple minutes late because my ride was stuck in traffic and another 10 minutes figuring out how to deal with the block my credit card out on the payment. I was super annoyed but very grateful to them for patiently helping me get if fixed. Thank you guys!!!

 by Peter Durda
Phenomenal service!!

I continue to be impressed by the excellent service I have received at Twisted Wrench, not only the mechanical service but the customer service as well. I recently scheduled a tire change over and state inspection. On the day of the appointment, I could not find the registration for the vehicle. I kept the appointment so the tires could be changed and I expected to have to reschedule the inspection, but Jenna said the registration was not a problem and that she would take care of it and get the inspection done. What phenomenal customer service!!!

 by Richard Roy
mystery solved

My 2015 Subaru Forester was occasionally not starting; sometimes the electrical system engaged when I turned the key, but usually nothing at all happened. Over a period of several weeks, Jim, Eric, and the technicians at TW tried to find the cause of the problem. Their diligence and sense of responsibility led them to the solution.
I am grateful to everyone at Twisted Wrench for taking such conscientious care of our two cars.

 by peter durda
Great Mechanics

We recently went to Twisted Wrench for a repair that others weren't willing to do. The service was done in a timely manner at the quoted price and when another problem arose we were contact to discuss how to proceed. We were more than satisfied with the work that was done. All of our interactions with the folks at Twisted Wrench were professional, respectful and courteous. Twisted Wrench cared very much about our complete satisfaction with their work. Since our first experience with the folks at Twisted Wrench we have decide to use them for all our service needs for both our Saab and our Subaru. We highly recommend Twisted Wrench.

 by Jason Miller
Excellent Experience

I took a car in for a second opinion and, while TW confirmed what the first shop said, they also identified more pressing safety concerns that should be addressed first. They always communicated clearly and did the work on time. We'll be back again!

 by Rich and Wendy Gibson
Great find!

Eric and all the folks at Twisted Wrench have gone out of their way to help us with repairs on a recently purchased used vehicle that needed some fairly extensive work. We were very impressed with their communication and helpful advice. We are so happy to have found a place where we can bring both of our cars and feel confident that they are in good hands!

 by Donna Evans Hirsch
Subaru repair

You took the time to check out all wheel bearings before deciding which one was causing the problem. Mounted my snow tires and took the time to label the summer tires' location on the car. Thank you for not trying to talk me into repairs that really aren't necessary. I have had this happen several times elsewhere because it is because I am a WOMAN who knows nothing about car. Rather you tell me that something will need to be repaired at a later time, but not today.

 by Edie Bernhardt
Very customer focused

Recently, I drove out of my garage and realized something was very wrong. An icon on the dash unfamiliar to me was illuminated. It was mid afternoon on a Thursday prior to plans to leave town the next day. I called and was told they couldn’t work on the car until the following Wednesday. I was then asked if I could get to the shop in the next 20 minutes. I got there and they identified the problem, which was a serpentine belt that ran my car. Other issues were identified associated with driving the car to the shop that made it unsafe to drive the car. The staff was very supportive of identifying the problem(s) prior to my plans to leave town and got the car repaired the next week while I was away. I was incredibly impressed with their willingness to assess the problem and offer solutions. Kudos to all of them!

 by Judith Citarella
Always doing the right thing

Twisted Wrench's name is as unique as their service. They make every effort to be on time, to tell you if something isn't right and what to expect. No surprises, just the facts. Kind, friendly and competent staff. All my needs are met there. You will not be disappointed! Your car will be well taken care of.

 by Jonas Gerson

Really great service. Not a straightforward situation involving my car and they were polite, honest, and diligent. Many thanks again to the Twisted Wrench team!!

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