Alignment Tips

What a great summer! If you’re like most of us, you spent a fair amount of time traveling over Vermont roads. The scenery in Vermont is amazing, but a lot of it is seen from roads that are not perfectly smooth. We have a little bit of a reputation for our road conditions. They are many times considered “severe road conditions” when discussing maintenance on cars. It not only affects the cleanliness of our air filter (from dirt roads) but road conditions will affect your cars alignment. Your car can still handle well and your steering wheel can be straight, but your car can still be out of alignment! In this case the tires can be compromised and only show the wear they have without any symptoms. The tire wear can be monitored and notes can be taken but the wear cannot be stopped without doing an actual “ALIGNMENT”.

The best time to do and alignment is when new tires are installed on your vehicle. The new tires allow the car to sit properly on the alignment machine allowing for a proper assessment of how the alignment results are supposed to affect the feel, handling and response of your car. Uneven wear on your tires will result in improper handling and response of your vehicle, even if the alignment on your car is perfect. When you invest in new tires a wheel alignment will give you the most out of your new tires. An alignment also increases safety for your precious cargo. The brakes work better and there is less stress on your car, so things are less apt to wear out. Do yourself, your passenger’s and your car and its tires a big favor, get an alignment.

Proper Tire Wear

Bad Tire Wear