Now Specializing in VOLVO REPAIR!


We are now specializing in Volvos too! If you own a Volvo, you can expect the same quality service and care we provide for your Subaru, Toyota, Honda and Acura. We look forwards to taking care of your car.

Vermont’s driving conditions are unique; we have the whole range from freezing cold to high humidity with overcast skies. Not to mention the dirt roads, hills, and potholes! These conditions tend to make people want an extra safe vehicle to rely on. Volvos are very popular in the Green Mountain state for that very reason. Many parents want their children to drive Volvos while they are here going to college. Their high safety rating allows people to enjoy a great sense of security. They were designed in Sweden where they know about winter travel. Many models have all wheel drive, and Volvos are made with rust prevention in mind. They simply do not rust like many other vehicles will in Vermont conditions. Vermont uses more salt on its roads than all of the other New England states, and Volvos hold up better and last longer against this “asalt.” Because the bodies last so long, Volvos can be kept on the road for a long time. Many people are driving their parents or grandparents old Volvos. These cars handle well in adverse conditions and have that unique European feel to them. Even older Volvos handle a lot better than many new cars, which makes them perfectly suited for Vermont. This is why Twisted Wrench is now offering maintenance, repair, and sales of Volvo automobiles. One of the contributing factors to this decision is that we have staff with Volvo experience, so we know we will be ready to service these cars for our customers. We are stocking up on high quality Volvo parts and brand specific tools, so we can service your car as well as the dealer does. Our goal is to be the “one stop Vermont auto shop,” which makes Volvo a nice fit for the Twisted Wrench car family.