Undercoating Your Vehicle: Learn More About How You Can Get $25 Off Our Undercoating Special

The Champlain Valley Fair has come and gone, the kids are back in school…yup, winter is just around the corner. It may be an occupational hazard, but we think the worse thing about winter is the damage that the road salt does to our cars, to say nothing of the damage it does to the environment. 

The state of Vermont is now using a salt slurry on the highways instead of a traditional rock salt. This has, in our opinion, accelerated the rate of rusting that our cars are being subjected to. The primary reason a car is no longer viable in our area is because it has become so rusty that it is no longer safe to drive and/or no longer cost effective to repair. Too many times we have had to tell someone that their car is mechanically sound, but the body would no longer protect passengers in an impact situation. It is unfortunate that so many cars go to the junk yard running.   

For years we have looked for an undercoating that would be cost effective to apply and not be harmful to the environment.  We have finally found it. Fluid Film is here!  Fluid Film is a lanolin, or wax based undercoating that works well to substantially reduce the rusting process, and helps keep our beautiful state green.  For best results the vehicle should be undercoated once, and then a “touch up” should be done yearly. An added bonus is that it could even make future repairs cheaper. Rust makes your care more costly to repair. Bolts break, or they take longer to extract. Some of the critical frame components can be replaced if they rust out, but you won’t enjoy the price! 

Let’s face it, cars cost a lot of money, and you need to protect your investment.

Normally it is $175 to undercoat a truck, and $150 for a car. Book your undercoating appointment with us today and receive $25.00 off the normal price! Hurry, this offer ends October 14th!

Let us help protect your investment and keep your family safe!

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