Sell Us Your Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Acura

Most of the time it is cost effective to repair your existing car.  Typically even an expensive repair will be cheaper than a car payment if you think about how the costs will be defused over the course of time.  A $2000.00 repair is a lot cheaper than a $300.00 per month car payment over the course of a year.  That said, sometimes it makes sense to just move on.  Maybe the car is starting to get rusty, maybe it no longer suits your family’s needs, or maybe you just want a newer car!  In addition to taking your car as a trade towards a used car purchase from us, we can also buy your car outright.  Depending on the condition and age of your car, we will buy it to resell, use it as a loaner, or dismantle it for parts.  Typically you would make more money yourself with a private sale.  However, selling it to us eliminates the hassle of dealing with phone calls, emails, craigslist, and all the other “fun” stuff you would rather avoid.  You can sell it to us knowing that we are already aware of the problems it may have and we understand how to deal with them.   We will never call you and say “you never told us this cars steering wheel was missing!”  😉  If we have not seen your car recently we will be glad to look at it and make an offer.  We completely understand if you need more money than we can offer you, but it gives you another option to consider.

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Sell Us Your Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Acura, Volvo

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