November Special: Headlight Restore

Having trouble seeing at night?  It may be your headlights!  Back in the day, headlights used to be made out of glass, which had some significant disadvantages.  But one of the advantages is that glass does not get foggy with ultra-violet light exposure.  Modern headlight assemblies are made of plastic.  Over the course of time, the sun slowly makes the headlights opaque so they don’t illuminate as much as they did when your car rolled off the assembly line. 

Twisted Wrench has a solution! We can do a headlight buff on your car.  It is a several part process that will make those headlights as good as new!  And you thought you needed to go to the eye doctor!   Winter is coming, and we’ll all be driving in the dark more frequently, why not be able to see the road like you could when the car was new.  You will never be able to see like you could when your eyes were new, so this is the next best thing!

Normally, this service costs $100.00. Our November Headlight Restore Special is just $84.95, now through November 30th! Schedule your appointment with us today and start seeing better tonight!

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