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Noises from Vehicles

Ah, fresh air! It’s nice to have the windows open. Won’t be too long before it’s too hot and the AC will be on. For now we are enjoying the windows down while driving. Hey, that’s what the outside world sounds like! Along with the sounds of the outside you may detect a noise that […]

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Why should I change my timing belt?

Most modern cars that have a timing belt are what are called interference engines.   This means that the intake and exhaust valves move into the area where the piston moves, but at different times.  The timing belt (or chain) makes sure that the valves open and close at the proper time to make the engine […]

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How does an engine work?

The engine in your car is called a four stroke engine.  To complete a cycle for each cylinder the piston has two down strokes and two up strokes.  The first stroke is down, the intake valve opens up and gasoline is pulled into the cylinder by the downward force of the piston.   Just as the […]

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Repair or Replace Your Car?

At some point a car is no longer worth fixing.  In Vermont, with a Japanese car this is almost always due to rust issues.  Mechanically a car can be fixed and continue to be a good car for well over 200,000 miles.  My youngest daughter is driving a 1997 Toyota Camry.  Her grandparents bought it […]

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Now Specializing in VOLVO REPAIR!

Newsflash! We are now specializing in Volvos too! If you own a Volvo, you can expect the same quality service and care we provide for your Subaru, Toyota, Honda and Acura. We look forwards to taking care of your car. Vermont’s driving conditions are unique; we have the whole range from freezing cold to high […]

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Where is Twisted Wrench?

The untouched countryside in rural Vermont is beautiful and relaxing but not convenient for parts delivery or commuters. Downtown on the other hand is right in the nerve center of the area but space is available at a premium price and it can get congested. Considering these factors, Twisted Wrench has been purposefully located close […]

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