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Of the used car dealers in Vermont, Twisted Wrench stands out just like we do with our repair work. Twisted Wrench has the skills to know that a car we are going to purchase for sale is going to be a good car for the buyer for years to come. We make sure all of the cars we sell are mechanically sound, and most come with a drive train warranty. Just like with car repair Burlington VT, sales of used cars has one big problem, Rust! Not only are rusty cars hard to work on, they do not last as long structurally. Not all used cars in Vermont are up to our standards. We go out of our way to consider rust when buying cars to resell. It is hard to get a rust-free car in Vermont, but they are out there. Often we will but cars from other states where rust is less of an issue. Is every car going to be rust free? No, but we are not going to put a car on the lot that is not is as good a shape as possible for its year, make and model. All of the cars we sell get their first four oil changes for free and we will do your Vermont State Inspection for free as long as you own the car. Twisted Wrench aims to be one of the trusted used car dealers in Vermont. For used cars in Vermont, we can help! Give us a chance, we will impress you!

Twisted Wrench Auto Sales            

Twisted Wrench is your source for used Hondas, Toyotas, Subarus, and Acuras in the greater Burlington, VT area. We offer used cars for sale, and can help you locate a used car if we do not have the one you want. We also offer used-car inspections, to make sure that there are no hidden surprises in a used car you are considering purchasing.

Our Used Car Services Include:
• Sales of used Hondas, Toyotas, Subarus, and Acuras
• Used car location services to help you find the car you want
• Used-vehicle checks to help you find problems before you buy

If you have a vehicle in mind, we strongly recommend you let us inspect it for you to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Most of the time it is cost effective to repair your existing car.  Typically even an expensive repair will be cheaper than a car payment if you think about how the costs will be defused over the course of time.  A $2000.00 repair is a lot cheaper than a $300.00 per month car payment over the course of a year.  That said, sometimes it makes sense to just move on.  Maybe the car is starting to get rusty, maybe it no longer suits your family’s needs, or maybe you just want a newer car!  In addition to taking your car as a trade towards a used car purchase from us, we can also buy your car outright.  Depending on the condition and age of your car, we will buy it to resell, use it as a loaner, or dismantle it for parts.  Typically you would make more money yourself with a private sale.  However, selling it to us eliminates the hassle of dealing with phone calls, emails, craigslist, and all the other “fun” stuff you would rather avoid.  You can sell it to us knowing that we are already aware of the problems it may have and we understand how to deal with them.   We will never call you and say “you never told us this cars steering wheel was missing!”  😉  If we have not seen your car recently we will be glad to look at it and make an offer.  We completely understand if you need more money than we can offer you, but it gives you another option to consider.

Contact Twisted Wrench today at 802-660-0838 to speak with us about purchasing a used car, or browse our website for more information on our Auto Repair and Auto Maintenance.

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