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November Special: Headlight Restore

Having trouble seeing at night?  It may be your headlights!  Back in the day, headlights used to be made out of glass, which had some significant disadvantages.  But one of the advantages is that glass does not get foggy with ultra-violet light exposure.  Modern headlight assemblies are made of plastic.  Over the course of time, the sun […]

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Undercoating Special

Normally it is $175 to undercoat a truck, and $150 for a car. Book your undercoating appointment with us today and receive $25.00 off the normal price! Hurry, this offer ends October 14th! Let us help protect your investment and keep your family safe!

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Noises Your Car Makes

A good description of a noise your car is making can be elusive. “How do I say it? Maybe I can make the noise myself, will they laugh when I make the noise?” Twisted Wrench introduces our car noise audio clips and descriptions, a fun and easy way to describe your car’s noises. Now you […]

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Noises from Vehicles

Ah, fresh air! It’s nice to have the windows open. Won’t be too long before it’s too hot and the AC will be on. For now we are enjoying the windows down while driving. Hey, that’s what the outside world sounds like! Along with the sounds of the outside you may detect a noise that […]

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