Jim Cross: Original founder with over 25 years experience in all aspects of the auto industry. Jim is the “Technical Guru” of Twisted Wrench and always makes sure his customers understand all aspects of service to their vehicles.

Eric Provost: Joined Jim in 2000 as the co-owner of Twisted Wrench. With a degree in electronics and a career of 20 years of customer service, Eric runs the auto sales division of Twisted Wrench.

Eric is married to his wonderful wife Kelli and has two lovely daughters Kaiya and Jenna.  Eric is a second degree black belt in Kempo, a form of karate.  He not only takes classes in Kempo, but is an instructor of adults and children as well.  Eric also enjoys hunting and riding motorcycles.  He is a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Bost Bruins, and Boston Red Sox.

Office Staff:

Randy Weaver: Randy, who has been in the auto repair industry for 30 years says “I love what I do.”  Originally he is from New York, and in his free time likes snowmobiling, four wheeling, and watching football.  Randy enjoys working at Twisted Wrench because he “feels at home here, and all the guys are great.”

DSC01776Julie Marinello: Pleasant addition to the office staff of “Twisted Wrench”. Julie is more of a universal player, helping out where ever needed. Her main focus is helping with the “back office” and organizing all aspects of keeping great detail, and wow she is good. Julie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Lynchburg College in Virginia. Worked for 11 years in her grandfather’s auto dealerships and is proud to acknowledge she learned more working for her grandfather than she ever did in school. Julie is a real family person, having been a stay at home mom and raising three boys for the past fifteen years. So if you find yourself on a Twisted Wrench shuttle ride and the driver is an incredibly nice, friendly and kind woman that’s Julie. We are fortunate to have her on our staff.

Julie says: “I love working with all the guys at Twisted Wrench. The work ethic is top notch.”

Jay Langford: Always behind the scenes in the back office keeping “control” of the rapidly growing success of Twisted Wrench.

Auto Technicians:

Ben Grim: The youngest of the team at Twisted Wrench, Ben was born in Alburgh Vermont and went to automotive school in Pennsylvania.  Bens “hobby” is drinking free Switchback (not at work of course) and say he really likes working at Twisted Wrench because it has a “Relaxed and fun work environment.”

Tyler Goodwin: Tyler was born and raised in Vermont, his father was a mechanic for 25 years, and says that is where he got his passion for cars.  Tyler has two sons that he likes to take to motor sport events.  He also likes hunting and fishing.  Tyler has been a Volvo specialist for years, so he is a wonderful addition to our staff.  Tyler says that “He likes working at Twisted Wrench because the staff has a lot of experience and is very friendly.”

DSC01770Jason Cousino: The newest addition to the ever growing staff of “Twisted Wrench”. Jason looks forward to bringing his wide range of knowledge to the Twisted Wrench team and our valued customers. Jason has been working on cars since the young age of 10. He has been ASE certified for over six years, is an expert welder, and has commercial driver license. His passion for repairing vehicles extends to one of his favorite hobbies, building motors for large trucks.

Jason has been happily married to his wife since 2001 and is the proud father of 2 daughters Emily & Rachel. Currently residing in New Haven, when he is not doing things with his family he enjoys hunting, fishing and motorsports.

Chris Wallace:  Chris grew up in New Hampshire, but has lived in the Green Mountain state for the last fifteen years.  Chris enjoys golfing, cycling, running, swimming, reading, and competitive eating.  He has sixteen years of experience repairing cars, and has a loyal customer base all by himself.  Several of his customer have followed him from his previous job.  Chris says he likes working at Twisted Wrench because “It is important to work at a business that emphasizes honesty, integrity, and quality as much as I do personally.  This is a fun group of guys who put the customer first.”

Ryan Whittemore: Ryan initially started working for us full time, but has decided to go back to school.  He is a full time student at Vermont Tech in the automotive degree program.  He works for us part time on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and during his vacations.  He is planning on coming back to Twisted Wrench full time after completing his degree.  Ryan enjoys outside activities such as hunting, four wheeling, and reaping the “fruit of his labor” in his garden.  He also enjoys spending time with his family.  He likes Twisted Wrench because it is “An easy going environment with honesty and respect, and without unreasonable expectations.”

Josh Laird:   Josh was born and raised in Bakersfield Vermont and enjoys target shooting, home brewing, and metal fabrication.  Josh joined the Vermont Air National Gaurd in 1998 where he worked as an airport fire fighter.  He was deployed twice to the middle east, once to Kuwait, and once to Iraq.  Josh is a full time South Burlington firefighter and EMT.  He works part time at Twisted Wrench on his days off from SBFD.   Josh says that “Working directly with the owners at Twisted Wrench give the shop that “family business” feel.  Jim and Eric expect a high level of professionalism from employees and are there leading by example.”

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